The Sun Mun Way is open to all people. We do not proselytize, but we do hold our doors open.

We acknowledge all gods or lack thereof.

We accept people of all creeds, colors, ages, and beliefs, and invite other faiths to exist alongside your commitment to the Way.

To be a Minister of the Sun Mun Way, you must acknowledge your commitment to the Great Blessings, and do your best to lead a lifestyle reflective of Our Faith.

Ordination costs no currency.

Once you are ordained, you may be able to perform certain ceremonial acts in certain states or countries. We do not offer legal council, and leave it up to you to determine the rights your ordination affords you in your jurisdiction.

Please note: ordination is not required to start a Worship Community, and planned involvement with a Worship Community is not a requirement for ordination.

We will soon be implementing a simple system for online ordination. Until then, if you are interested in becoming an ordained Minister of the Sun Mun Way, you may use the Contact Us button above. We will arrange for your ordination and furnish a PDF of your ordination certificate at no cost.

Thank you, and may you be Blessed.