The Great Blessings of the Sun Mun Way explictly call for the promotion of peace and rejection of violence.

Followers of the Sun Mun Way are encouraged and expected to abstain from violent conflict.

While one may argue if this objection is religious, it is without question against the morals of our Way of life.

We are happy and eager to record and maintain record of anyone who would like to declare his/her/their objections to such conflicts, for moral reasons, religious reasons, or otherwise.

You do not need to be a follower of the Way to file or record your conscientious objection. We welcome your commitment to peace with open arms.

Under current United States law, all males living in the United States must register for the selective service draft within 30 days of their 18th birthdays. It is not possible to request conscientious objector status at the time of registration, but we encourage you to note your conscientious objector status on the registration form by writing, “I am a conscientious objector, and I believe war is morally wrong.”

Recording your beliefs with us is another way to make note of your conscientious objector status and your commitment to peace. Creating a record of your beliefs with us, however, does not guarantee you will be granted conscientious objector status by the United States government should you be asked to serve. Conscientious objection is a deeply-held personal conviction that must be clearly articulated by an individual whose life gives evidence of a sincere commitment to peace. We offer an ear to listen so we may later attest to your commitment as part of that evidence, should it be needed.

To create a record of your objection to violence and your commitment to peace, please send a statement to us using the Contact Us link above. We accept emails, PDFs, or any other document type that is not editable. If you send a Word or Pages document, for example, we will kindly request you resubmit your statement in a form that is locked.

Your statement should be dated. Your statement should be personal to you. Your statement should be about your beliefs. Your statement may cite the Great Blessings, but it is more important that you discuss your beliefs about and around the Great Blessings and why you are committed to the Blessings, and the Blessings of peace and non-violence in particular. Your statement should connect the Blessings to your own life. Your statement should focus on your objection(s) to war, and your objection(s) to your personal participation in violent conflict(s) and/or the support of violent conflict(s). It is important to show that your beliefs are deeply and personally held, and not simply handed down from previous generations, or blindly followed as part of the Way.

Thank you, and may you be Blessed.