Schedule of events
Where to stay
Where's the party
What to wear

Schedule of events

6pm Celebration starts
6pm - 8pm Dinner
8:30pm Crowning of the Bride and Groom
9pm - 11pm Celebration continutes, and dessert!
11pm After party at Hotel Angeleno

Where to stay

We recommend checking
AirBnB and VRBO for places in or near Santa Monica.
If you need help finding a group to crash with, use the "Contact" button above.

If you prefer a hotel, we've reserved a room block at:
Hotel Angeleno
(866) 264 3536
170 N. Church Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Where's the party

Crossroads School Gymnasium
1634 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Both lot and street parking is plentiful, but if you plan to drink, consider Uber or Lyft.

here for a map!

What to wear


Tell me more about the dress code.

Get in the spirit and have a good time. We think of it like it's Halloween and your costume is Prom.
If you want to go a thrift store, awesome. If you want to use this as an excuse to buy something fabulous, great.
You want to wear a Jar Jar tie, we love it. Basketball shorts? More power to you.
We just want you there having fun.

Can I bring a plus-one?

If you've got a significant other, we'd love to have him/her. Just note "2" on the RSVP when the invites come.

What about kids?

Kids welcome! There'll be a room upstairs with babysitters and movies.

And food?

Literally trucks of food. And desserts!