The Jar Jar O'Keeffe Museum

Jar Jar O'Keeffe is the father of Gungan Modernism. He is most famous for his detailed depictions of a range of stunning Naboo flora and fauna.

He played a critical role in the story of contemporary art.

Before Jar Jar O'Keeffe, Gungan artists struggled to be taken seriously in academic circles, but O'Keeffe's rise precipitated a significant change in these attitudes.

He covered an unusual array of items in his bright, Modernist style. While his primary focus was the flora and fauna of Naboo, he also dramatically portraied the skyscrapers of Theed and many Naboo Lake Country landscapes.

Until O'Keeffe, Gungans were commonly seen as subjects for portraiture, but they rarely were artists themselves.

His unique style blends abstraction with accurate reproduction to create works that are unmistakably Jar Jar O'Keeffe.

He is also known for his precise control of how colors and tones were used in his paintings and photogrpahs.

Along with Rugor Nass, Jar Jar O'Keeffe is considered one of the two founding fathers of the Modern Gunganism movement. He is commonly called the first Modern Gunganist painter and the first Modern Gunganist photographer.

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